Tuesday, February 3, 2009

3rd Batch Mandarin Class Coming Soon

3rd Batch Basic Mandarin Class will start on 6th february 2009 (Every Friday)!!!!

Mandarin Class details such as:
1) Length of hours per lessons: 1.5 hour
2) 16 lessons & Every Friday
3) Course contents include:
  • Tones & romanized Mandarin phonetics
  • Basic vocabulary & daily sentences situational conversation
  • Basic grammar
  • Speaking & listening
4) Tuition fee per person: RM250 (Full Payment/16 lessons)
5) Registration Fee: RM10
6) Teacher's Profile:
Mr Yau Wah Sun
  • Qualification: Guaduated in National Taiwan University, Tapei, Taiwan. Degree of Science awarded
  • Mandarin lecturer in contract with Global Hanyu, a China-Malaysia joint language centre, PJ
  • Special Training: Fully completed the Beijing standard romanized Mandarin pronunciation training course for one year.
  • Teaching Materials: Systematic own designed teaching materials and interesting teaching technique make Mandarin learning easy & fun.


mohd said...

Hi sorry for askin is there anywhere i can register for the mandarin class i would love to learn some language. Just curious because I'm malay guys so will you take us as student ? Because i saw the SS25 MCA. Probably this ony for Chinese student

ss25llc said...

Hi, i think you can attend our new intake on 17 feb 2009. No limited race, all are welcome to attend the class.

mohd said...

Hey thanks for replying, i'll look forward to that, one other things can i pay up later the fees like at the end of February, coz likely on 17th my salary payment hasn't out yet.

Sea cee said...

I just found out MCA ss25 lifelong learning centre oso offer mandarin classes, so do this class still going on? may i know do they have any new intake?