Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Public Talk on Personal Safety“如何确保自身和财务安全”

Hazel is a social activist and a public speaker. She
shares the same concern with every Malaysian on the
rising crime rate. From her own many bad experiences
with various crimes and having learnt from safety
experts from US and Canada, she now speaks to public
on practical ways to prevent crimes from happening to
them. She believes strongly everyone has a right to a
safe and peaceful living and that we should all take
personal responsibility for our own “personal safety” .
The first few sessions in a series of “safety talks”
will be held at …… Come and be equipped with
essential knowledge on how to protect yourselves and
your families – without having to learn how to fight
physically. Topics covered in the “Personal Safety”
· The 3 elements of crime
· How to avoid becoming a victim?
· What to do when you are being attacked?
· How to ask/ yell for help – why is yelling different from screaming?
· What to do if you witness a crime?
· How to minimize the hassle and loss?
· Should we carry self defense weapons?
· How to recover from being a victim?
· Much more practical tips that could save your life!
Free “safety” gift to be given, while stock last.





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